What University Actually Taught Me

So, I have finally got my university grades back and I can officially say that I am graduating from the University of Westminster with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Commercial Studies. It was a long and hard 3 years where I learnt a lot about Management, International Business and Marketing, however this blog post is more about the ‘non-academic’ things university taught me.

1. ‘Kings Cup’ or ‘Ring of Fire’ is probably the best ice breaker for freshers even though nobody will actually know the official rules.

2. The month before you get your student loan it is perfectly acceptable to live on a diet of beer, super noodles and toast.

3. When you go back to your hometown you will compete with your friends at different universities to see whose university can party harder.

4. 2pm is the new 7am.

5. When it comes to exams you will see around five times more people than you ever did in lectures.

6. Pizza for breakfast is a thing and its delicious.

7. You don’t have to like, or even talk to everyone you meet or live with.

8. If you live in student halls you should keep all of your toiletries in your room otherwise you will use them once and then never see them again.

9. No matter how much you hated living in student halls, you will be sad to leave.

10. You will meet a lot of people that you wonder how the hell did they get into university in the first place.

11. You will be asked to spend a lot of money on books you will forget to use, despite them actually being incredibly useful.

12. Procrastination becomes a talent and you will quickly realise that everybody leaves everything till the last minute.

13. You should never turn down free food, or free anything for that matter.

14. Freshers Flu is real and you will get it every. single. year.

15. There is a major north and south divide and if you’re from the Midlands, you might as well not exist.

16. Tequila seems like a good idea until you wake up in the morning.

17. You will say you are going out for one quiet drink at 7pm and come back at 5am the next day pretty much every time.

18. You will wake up to 18 Facebook notifications everyday, all telling you about ‘London’s biggest student night out!’.

19. PS I Love You, Mean Girls and Love Actually will be watched several times each year, and probably with a large amount of wine and chocolate.

20. Pre-drinks is often better than the night out itself.

21. Netflix is pretty much a way of life.

22. You will end up with a nickname and you probably won’t like it.

23. Hardly anybody leaves their room in Student Halls if there is a fire alarm.

24. If Ben and Jerry’s is half price you should definitely buy it.

25. Playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ is more fun if you know how to get someone out straight away.

26. Group work makes you realise that even the smartest of people can have absolutely no common sense.

27. You will forget most of the places that do accept student discount, meaning everywhere you go you ask.

28. In order to pull an all-nighter pro-plus and energy drinks are crucial.

29. A lot of people will swear by ‘its only 40% to pass’ in first year.

30. You will meet hundreds of people in freshers week that you will never see again.

31. Sometimes the only way to communicate with your flatmates is to leave angry notes in the kitchen.

32. GCSE and A-Level exams were a breeze compared to what you experience at university.

33. You will probably sign up to all the societies you can at Freshers Fair just for the free stuff.

34. Third year is the hardest but also the most rewarding year at university.

And finally,

35. Even with a degree and the relevant experience you will still find it impossible to find a graduate job, but that doesn’t mean the experience was not worth it.

Please feel free to comment telling me what university has taught you, I look forward to your responses!

 Kirsty Leanne


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