I love getting deliveries -MUA Makeup Haul!

So just after Christmas I decided to browse the January sales online and I couldn’t believe it when I saw that MUA were holding a 35% off everything sale on their website. I already knew I wanted to buy some new brushes with the money I had for Christmas, but with everything almost half price my basket kept getting bigger and bigger. Finally, after over a week of waiting for the postal service to go back to its normal routine (damn holidays!) I was very excited to receive my delivery today!

So, here is what I ordered…

10928677_10152494382421470_681050379_n 10904853_10152494379526470_640699914_n

MUA F1 Foundation Brush: Sale Price £1.95

MUA F6 Blusher and Contouring Brush: Sale Price £1.95

MUA F9 Flat Top Buffer Brush: Sale Price £3.25

MUA E2 Eye-shadow Contour Brush: Sale Price £1.27

As I said before I was in major need of some new makeup brushes as mine are a few months old and I had just bought my Mum and Sister a set of new brushes for Christmas so I was getting slightly jealous. The F1 brush I was desperately in need of, so that was definitely going in my basket without question. The other brushes are actually all new to me! I have had blusher brushes before I am eager to try out the Blusher and Contouring brush as it is actually shaped to fit the facial contours and cheekbones.  The F9 Flat Top Buffer Brush is for base application so I am looking forward to seeing what kind of a finish it creates. I’ve been having a lot of trouble smudging my eye-shadow lately, so I thought the eye-shadow contouring brush was a good investment as it is ideal for applying shadow in both the corner and the crease of the lid.


MUA Professional Compact Brush Roll: Sale Price £1.95

Obviously after buying so many new brushes I felt compelled to buy a nice new brush roll to put them all in and as this one was new and 35% off, I couldn’t resist! I also thought that as the roll is quite compact and fits 6 brushes, it would be handy for taking the few brushes you need that day with you.

MUA Professional Eye Primer 7.5ml: Sale Price £0.98

I have been trying to decide which Eye Primer to buy for a few weeks now and as this one had some really good reviews I thought at this price it wouldn’t hurt to try. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the difference it makes as I haven’t ever used an eye primer before. You can actually now buy this primer for an even lower price of £0.75, here.

MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist 60ml: Sale Price £3.25

I really couldn’t resist buying the MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist either after reading so many good reviews about it and seeing it in so many peoples ‘Best picks for 2014’ posts. As most brands that are affordable and you can buy in store lack fixing sprays it seemed a shame not to try a product everyone has been raving about.


MUA Lipstick ‘Shade 7’: Sale Price £0.65

MUA Matte Lipstick ‘Peachy Keen’: Sale Price £.0.65

As I am reasonably new to blogging you probably don’t know this yet, but I love lipstick. I am forever testing new shades and being naturally very pale I love lipsticks that stand out. I bought ‘Shade 7’ as I thought it looked like quite a deep and bold shade and I chose ‘Peachy Keen’ as I wanted to try a slightly more subtle shade (definitely only slightly, as it is still quite a bright shade).

I am looking forward to trying all of these products over the next few weeks, so don’t be surprised if a couple of reviews pop up. So, what did everybody else buy in the MUA Sale, any bargains I missed?

Kirsty Leanne


3 thoughts on “I love getting deliveries -MUA Makeup Haul!

  1. I got loads of stuff in the sale! Check out my blog if you wish to have a look 🙂 I got the Peachy Keen lipstick and a few brushes myself! (wish i’d got a few more bits now though) 😛 xx


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