LUSH Valentines Day Launch – Unicorn Horn Review!

It has been all over LUSH social media accounts that the new Valentines day products will be available in store from 16th January, so imagine my excitement when I went to my local store and saw everything was in stock a week early! I couldn’t resist the temptation so ended up treating myself to a Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar for only £3.25. How awesome?!

‘A magical bath filled with beautiful neroli and lavender essential oils, colourful candy stars, sparkling lustre, rainbows and dreams.’ – LUSH

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When I first saw the product I absolutely loved the bright colours and the fact it was covered in cute little candy stars. I actually expected it to smell really really sweet but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it smelt of lavender, not what I was expecting with all the bright colours but I am definitely not complaining!


As you have to crumble the Unicorn Horn under running water the main colour you end up with a sparkly, purple and colourful candy star filled bath and it is AMAZING. I thought that the lavender smell wasn’t too over powering and is naturally calming and relaxing which is perfect for a nice hot bath.

This is definitely something I would buy over and over again but as it is a Valentines 2015 product it looks like I am going to have to stock up for the year! LUSH definitely weren’t wrong about the Unicorn Horn it being filled with rainbows and dreams, I am officially in love.

Kirsty Leanne



8 thoughts on “LUSH Valentines Day Launch – Unicorn Horn Review!

  1. This looks great – so tempted to make a cheeky purchase – still working through my xmas lush bits though 🙂


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