Makeup Revolution Beauty Haul!


I have been going a little online shopping crazy lately and after browsing their website for hours I decided to spend some of the money I got for Christmas on a huge makeup haul from Makeup Revolution. When I ordered everything there was a promotion running that if you spend over £25 you get a free New Years gift so of course I spent well over that! I was so happy when my goodies finally arrived earlier this week and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how well packaged everything was – it actually took me a couple of minutes to get into everything.

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As you can I ordered A LOT and I think I may be developing a slight palette and lipstick obsession!

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New Year Gift: I LOVE Makeup Wonder Palette ‘I Heart Passion’, Lip Gloss Tube x 3 (Eye to Eye, Move a Little Closer and Touch) and Vivid Blush Lacquer ‘Heat’

I thought the free gift was actually really good value for money as overall it was worth £11.49 and that is with a few of the items at sale prices. The main thing I was excited about in the New Years gift was obviously the palette, as it is one I had almost bought a couple of weeks back. The packaging looks pretty cool and there are 16 gorgeous shadows all together but I am most excited about using the royal purple, blue and green shadows (‘Dangerous Liaisons’, ‘Never Never’ and ‘Catch Your Eye’). I also really like the glittery black shadow ‘We Are Going Home’ so I am looking forward to creating all sorts of amazing combinations with this palette. Not bad for a freebie 🙂

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Salvation Palette Girls on Film: £6.00

Salvation Palette Give Them Nightmares: £6.00

Makeup Revolutions Salvation Palettes all come with 18 eye-shadows; 12 shimmer, 6 matte and all super-pigmented. I really struggled picking just a few of a the Salvation Palettes however in the end it was these two amazing products that stayed in my basket. I really love the neutral and nude mixed with the grey shades in the Girls on Film Palette and I think you can never have enough nude palettes, so I am really excited about using this product. Give Them Nightmares I don’t think I was ever going to take out of my basket. Although I have never used shades like this before I was drawn to the beautiful colours and I can’t wait to see what amazing combinations I can make with this particular Palette. Watch this space as there will be a review with swatches soon!


#Liphug ‘We Have Come Too Far’: £2.50

My lipstick obsession is growing and growing and I really couldn’t wait to try the new #Liphug range so I ordered one in ‘We Have Come Too Far’, which is quite a subtle pink shade.

I LOVE Makeup Brow Kit ‘Fairest of Them All’: Sale Price £2.99

The brow kit that I bought from the I LOVE Makeup range was reduced from £3.99 to £2.99 and as its a steal at £3.99 I couldn’t resist it at its new lower price. I usually just use a pencil, so a brow kit is completely new to me but with 3 eyebrow powders, finishing wax, a brush and tweezers I really don’t think I will regret the change.

Focus and Fix Eye Primer ‘Original’: £2.50

The Focus and Fix Eye Primer came in three different types; Original, Matte and Brighten. I chose the original one as I recently mentioned I am quite new to eye primers however I am sure I will be trying Matte and Brighten pretty soon!

I LOVE Makeup All Day and Night Eyeliner ‘One Sin Too Many’: £1.99

I find the one thing I always always need is black eyeliner but at the moment I am struggling to find one that stays on all day and night, so as it was in the name I bought this eyeliner hoping it does exactly what it says on this tin!


Euphoria Palette ‘Bronzed’: £6.00

I really liked the idea of having a contour palette and eye-shadows all in one place as it is perfect to take with you on long days where you will need to touch up! The eye-shadows are all nude/neutral colours which is great for me as they are the colours I usually go for for day to day makeup. I’m really looking forward to using this and I am sure it will be something I will need to buy again very soon as I can see it being used often!

Amazing Lipstick ‘Vamp’: £1.00

I think £1.00 lipsticks are amazing and I really want too try some braver shades so I think ‘Vamp’ is a perfect starting point. The colour is very bold with purple and red hints in it. I am very excited about braving this colour and I hope its starts a whole new bold lipstick shade obsession.

So, there you have it! My recent haul was definitely a big one and I can’t wait to start trying all of them and finding what works best. What have you all being buying from Makeup Revolution recently, any recommendations?

Kirsty Leanne



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