Sales Shopping – Beauty Haul!

I went shopping today and although I kept telling myself I wouldn’t buy anything I found too many bargains and couldn’t resist getting all these little beauties!

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I only actually ended up getting things from Primark, Superdrug and Boots but I was very happy with all of my purchases and my mini haul. I definitely had an eye for bargains today as I don’t think I spent much more than a tenner all day!



I always go into Primark with the things I want to get in mind, so I knew I wanted to buy a nice necklace and a new mirror for my bag. I was so impressed when I found this necklace in the sale section although there was no sale price on it, however I took it to the till anyway and when I got there it was half price, yay! The little compact mirror was half price at only 50p too, but I probably would have bought it at full price anyway. The green/cream mini storage bag is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen and I love the pattern, definitely going to start using it as a lunch box for work as the material is perfect for lunches. The green/gold sparkly purse was an absolute bargain for £1, I am tempted to use it as a coin purse (when I am not using my penguin one of course!). The red bag was reduced to £2 so I got it as I really love the bright statement accessories that are in at the moment.


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I look forward to going in Superdrug every time I go to town and today was no exception as I knew there was a few sale items in the MUA section. I was not disappointed when I saw this beautiful Palette for only £2! The ‘Twelfth Night’ Palette includes 12 glam shades all with very dark undertones. I’ve recently been going for a smokey eye look a lot so I thought this would be a great palette to add to my collection. I am really looking forward to trying the purple and gold shadow most (Myrrh and Plum). Also, every time I go into Superdrug I come out with more lipsticks and today was no exception. I got Makeup Revolutions ‘Rebel with a Cause’ and ‘Nude’. I’ve never used a nude lipstick before so I am dying to try it out. The Nivea Deep Cleansing Face Wipes were also on offer at half price, which meant I only paid £1.50 for them!


10893546_10152509572151470_1593172012_n 10937818_10152509571806470_1910247271_n

I went into Boots on the day the 70% off sale started and got a few goodies, however I missed this great find! I I have a serious lip balm addiction and for ages I have been hunting for an EOS lip balm dupe but now I need to look no further. This amazing company called Balmi have created a similar super cute lip balm in a cube shape (the sphere was patented!). I bought this Balmi Christmas gift set for only £1.50, however they are £4.99 when they are not on the sale and you can buy them on the website, here. I couldn’t resist trying the lip balm straight away and it is amazing, my lips feel great and as I have the coconut flavour they taste great too! The balm is really easy to apply and I love that I don’t have to use my finger to apply it. I decided to come home and do a little bit of research on Balmi and I have fallen more in love with them. They are a small company in Manchester who had an amazing idea and they planning are to launch some sun care and skin care products too, which I really can’t wait to try.

So, all together I spent £13.50 and I honestly think I got some absolute bargains. Has anyone else had any very successful sales shopping trips or did I miss anything amazing?

Kirsty Leanne


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