EAU-LA-LA™ Gift Set – ORANGEASM™ Soap and Glory Review!I

‘A zesty, citrusy, fresh orange wash, fragrance and butter to make you say EAU-LA-LA™’

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As most of you know last week was the start of the Boots 70% sale and I couldn’t help going to my local store to see what bargains there were! I got there at around midday (my alarm didn’t go off 😦 !) and was a little bit disappointed as a lot of the stuff I wanted had gone already. BUT all was not lost…. I was still able to get this beauty – The Soap and Glory EAU-LA-LA™ gift set for only £4.80 down from £16.

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The gift set includes two smaller versions of Soap and Glory’s popular ORANGEASM™ products and a full sized ORANGEASM Super Tonic Fragrance which is RRP £!2.00 on its own, not bad for £4.80 for the lot, right? As soon as I saw this gift set I couldn’t resist buying it as I love that I get to try all three ORANGEASM™ products for a much lower price. I have had about a week or so to test all of the products and Soap and Glory have done it again, I am in love with this set.

First of all, lets talk about the name. I absolutely love Soap and Glory’s tongue and cheek product names; THE FILL MONTY™, SEXY MOTHER PUCKER™ and CLEAN, GIRLS™ to name a few. ORANGEASM™ definitely does not disappoint as it is fun, cheeky and a little bit dirty…I love it!

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I have already got the full size ORANGEASM™ BODY WASH as part of THE NEXT BIG THING™ Christmas Gift Set, but this one is perfect for weekends or nights away as it means I don’t have to take my huge one with me and I still get to smell absolutely amazing!

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The ORANGEASM™ BODY BUTTER usually comes in a 300ml tub however this smaller version is only 50ml, which is a great size for a tester of the product. I have used a number of the Soap and Glory body butters before and I actually really like this one. The smell is the same as the body wash with hints of orange and lemon and it is not too overpowering and it’s really nice to follow up my shower with a body butter that smells the same as my body wash. The body butter is made with orange peel oils (which you can even see in the moisturiser!) Shea butter massage balls and MANGOMILK™ so it makes my skin feel really soft and smooth. I find that you don’t have to use much to get the full effect, which means I actually have quite a bit of my small tub left still.


Finally, the SUPER TONIC ORANGEASM™ fragrance is definitely not something I would have thought of buying if it wasn’t in the gift set purely because I go for either vanilla or sweet, fruity scents usually. I was really unsure if I would like it but is actually okay, although maybe a little over powering for me. I can’t say I have ever really noticed anyone using an orange scented fragrance before, but I think that is what gives this product its charm – its very different to anything I have ever worn before.

So, there you have it! I don’t think my Soap and Glory obsession will ever die down and I am glad I discovered the ORANGEASM™ range as I would never have thought to try it. I can’t actually find the gift set on the Boots website or Soap and Glory website, but if you are looking for the individual products the links are below. Definitely recommend them for Summer!




Kirsty Leanne


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