Mini Review #1 – Primark 3D Glitter Nail Polish

So, I have decided to start doing ‘Mini Reviews’ of smaller products (lipsticks, nail polishes, mascaras etc) as I have so many things I want to tell you all you lovely ladies about but sometimes I feel like I wouldn’t have enough things to say in one blog! So without further hesitation, here is Mini Review #1 (its a good’un!).

961705_10152518048056470_1961841305_n 10937827_10152518047951470_1708236664_n

While in the queue at Primark the other day I noticed this textured nail polish ‘P.S. 3D Nail Polish’ in a light blue shade half price at £1. I had to buy it as it reminded me of a Nails Inc polish I left behind in California by accident ‘Nails Inc Special Effects in Hammersmith’, especially now Nails Inc have changed their bottle design to square.


I really love textured nail polishes and this one did not disappoint me at all. It was really really easy to apply, the picture above is actually only one thick coat with a lighter coat on top. I was expecting o have to do at least four coats so couldn’t believe it when it looked amazing after two. I’ve had the nail polish on for three days now and only one of the nails has chipped and that was only because I trapped my finger in the dishwasher (ooops..)!

10922074_10152518048136470_1187531296_n 10884974_10152518048211470_369120473_n

I even decided to stalk my Instagram to see the similarities between the Nails Inc polish I lost and as you can see it is not far off! The Primark polish is a little less green but I definitely consider this a very good dupe, especially at £1. It’s glittery, easy to apply and long lasting… what more could a girl ask for? 😉

Pros: The large brush means its easy to apply, it dried really quick and it is difficult to chip.

Cons: The nail polish doesn’t have a name or number so difficult to describe to someone.

Kirsty Leanne


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