Mini Review #2 – New Aussie Body Wash


I was so excited when I found out one of my favourite hair care brands were launching a new body wash range that I had to try it out! Aussie have recently launched four amazing body washes; Mega Watt, No Rush, Shower Smoothie and Fresh Mate. As you can see the packaging matches their usual white and purple theme, which I love as all they are branching out it is still true to the brand. I was incredibly tempted to buy all four as they were on an introductory offer for only £2 for 250ml at Wilko, but after 5 minutes of trying to decide I eventually got ‘Shower Smoothie’.


I think the main reason I picked ‘Shower Smoothie’ is because it contains Macadamia Nut Oil, which I know I love as I have used shower and bath products containing it before. I really wanted to see how Aussie would compare and if they were better off being the hair experts.


I was not disappointed at all and I really do love this body wash! I don’t really know what I was expecting but it’s so cute and girly as it’s pink and smells really sweet, kind of like bubblegum. It left my skin feeling and smelling amazing and I have a strong feeling that it is not going to last long at all. I will definitely be trying the other 3 body washes and I hope I like them as much as I do ‘Shower Smoothie’ although I think it may be very very hard to beat.

Pros: It smells amazing and made my skin feel nice and smooth.

Cons: I will probably use it was too fast and I don’t think any bottle with ever be big enough…

Kirsty Leanne


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