New Job Celebrations – Huge Haul!


To celebrate getting my new job as a Marketing Assistant I decided to treat myself to a couple of things, that however turned into a shopping frenzy and I ended up getting a lot more than I had expected… story of my life, right? 😉

Anyway, I went shopping for a few new outfits for work and a couple of accessories to go with them. I am not going to post the clothes that I got as I thought I may be able to do a few OOTD posts in the future instead.

First of all, I really really want to say sorry for the terrible terrible quality of my pictures, I will be getting a camera soon but I broke my first camera at University and have been in and out of work since graduating and I have just not been able to afford a new one. I feel like a terrible blogger taking all my pictures on my iPhone!

What girl goes shopping and doesn’t go into Primark? I know it’s the first stop for me on most shopping trips and yesterday was no different as I was a woman on a mission! I got quite a lot of clothes items as I was walking around and as I was so impressed with my finds I decided to chance the shoe section. I had my heart set on a pair of Chelsea boots from New Look (you can see my wish list here) but I was so happy when I saw a sale on boots in Primark that I think I spent about half an hour trying everything on. In the end I walked away (pun not intended!) with two pairs which I spent £10 less than I would have for the pair from New Look.

10962101_10152534053561470_1012648207_n 10967067_10152534053621470_1556393662_n

The grey boots are absolutely gorgeous, they are so comfortable and just the right height for walking around at work. They were the first pair that I tried on and I almost had a heart attack when I saw they were only £10. I thought that things couldn’t get any better until I walked around the corner and saw the black Chelsea boots, I tried them on without even checking the price as I thought they looked great for work and after falling in love with them I realised they were only £5. I did have to stop myself from buying anymore boots from the sale, but there were so many that I wanted.

The other thing I desperately needed was a few nice necklaces as I always seem to break mine easily. I love the variety that Primark has to offer and ended up picking up quite a few bargains from the sale too.  I seem to have picked up a lot of gold stuff without even realising, so I will definitely be going back to get a collection of silver jewellery too. I did get another gold necklace and some hair clips similar to the ones on my New Look Wish List that I haven’t pictured below as it was difficult to get a picture of them, but I still love them just as much 🙂

Choker style necklace £3

Choker style necklace £3

Gold and silver necklace £1

Gold and silver necklace £1

Black and gold necklace £2

Black and gold necklace £2

9 Pairs of earrings £2

9 Pairs of earrings £2

After going slightly crazy in Primark I went to Dorothy Perkins and I was a little bit calmer, I only ended up getting one necklace in the sale.


It is very similar to one I have been looking at every single time I go in there, but its just as nice and has a little bit of colour in it instead. This beauty was reduced down from £10 to £3 so I couldn’t help myself! I love the lace detail in it and that its actually quite a big statement necklace.

10877931_10152534053486470_1666963936_n 10287256_10152534053431470_269205639_n

The next thing I bought was a new folder and notepad for when I start my new job.I knew I would need new stationary so I thought I would start by getting this gorgeous things by Laura Ashley. They are both available in WHSmith and at quite reasonable prices too. The folder was £3.99 and the notepad was only £6.99. I love the notepad a lot because the pages have a very faint copy of the front pattern on them and it looks sooo pretty and girly.

10942800_10152534053326470_1502905788_n 10968167_10152534053181470_1456339814_n

The last thing I got is possibly one of my favourites… this gorgeous briefcase style black bag from LYDC. I absolutely love bags and I have been looking at this one for months and I kept telling myself when I get a marketing job I will buy it, I was so happy when my boyfriend decided to buy it for me when I found out I got the job! Its got three separate compartment and its the perfect size for my notepad, folder, diary and everything else that I carry around with me. There are also two It’s definitely not one of my most expensive bags and I actually think it’s so affordable at just under £30! I really can’t wait to start using this as I think it will make me feel really business-y 🙂

I am so happy with everything I bought and I think this will be the last haul until payday, although I am now saving up to move into my own place (yay!) so I need to put myself on a serious spending ban! So, what has everyone else been buying this week?

Kirsty Leanne


6 thoughts on “New Job Celebrations – Huge Haul!

  1. I wish I felt more comfortable in heels because those grey boots are gorgeous! I love the little earrings too they’re so cute, I think I need a really good trip round Primark now!


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