Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask – Timeless Truth Review


You lucky people get two blog posts today! First of all I would like to thank Beauty Masks Limited as I was so happy to receive my Timeless Truth Charcoal Brightening Mask* last week and I can’t wait to tell you all how I got on! The lovely Angela from Beauty Masks Ltd sent me a very well wrapped package which included very detailed instructions, a information leaflet and one Charcoal Brightening Mask.


Now, I had seen a few reviews of these particular face masks on Twitter and I was excited to give it a go, so much so that I tried it the same day that it arrived. Angela clearly pointed out that I could use the mask straight away, put it in fridge before use for a more refreshing experience or I could place the sachet in warm water beforehand for a more comforting and pampering experience. I decided to put the sachet in warm water as I love self heating masks and I was intrigued to see if this one had a similar effect.


After I had heated the mask I removed it from the packaging and as I was extra careful there was plenty of serum left over so I wrapped the sachet back up and popped it in the fridge and used it a few days later! As I was trying a mask from the fusion range I had to peel the back off the mask and then place the darker side onto my face. This is because when the freeze dried product which is soaked in serum comes in contact with the warmth of your skin, the serum is released and therefore the active ingredient content becomes double.

10957479_10152537750086470_1765735054_n 10956027_10152537750081470_1890142612_n

The application of the mask was something I was very worried about, but it was a lot easier than I had imagined! The mask is a generous size and there are little slits all over the mask which make it very easy to mold the mask into the right size for your face. I did feel a little bit silly with the mask on my face at first, but i honestly didn’t care. As you can see from the picture the mask covers my face well and stays in place. I would like to point out I am definitely wearing a towel in the pictures, haha.

I was instructed to leave the mask on my face for 10-15 minutes so I went and lay down as I thought it would be the easiest way to keep the mask on properly, and I was right! It only peeled off on one of the edges once but it was very very easy to just press it down and reapply it as it was so generously covered in serum.

The mask itself felt amazing while it was on, the heated affect didn’t really last long but I didn’t mind as when it cooled down a little it was very refreshing. I genuinely didn’t want to get up and take it off but I was dying to see how my skin felt afterwards.

This particular mask contains a bamboo charcoal extract which is highly absorbent for a deep cleansing effect. It is aimed to instantly brighten, smooth, firm and hydrate the skin. I can honestly say when I took the mask off I was so pleased with the results, I felt great and my skin felt so hydrated and refreshed. My face felt so incredibly soft that I made everybody feel it and see the difference, haha!

Overall, I am so pleased with this product and it is definitely something I would both reccommend and purchase myself. This particular mask retails at £4.95 and you can purchase it from the Beauty Masks website, which is here.

Kirsty Leanne

* This product has kindly been sent to me by lovely people to sample. Don’t worry though as all opinions are my own and I can promise that the review is 100% honest.


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