Fifteen Happy Things for January!

I have decided to do another monthly ‘Just a Little Bit Ginger’ feature. As it is 2015 I will tell you 15 happy things that have happened in the last month. Now, these will either be really big or absolutely tiny things that have just made me smile and as January has been reasonably uneventful, I imagine there will a lot of silliness in the post. These posts are just as much for me as they are you as I think it is a great way to be able to look back at the end of the year and see my year in review 🙂

1. Just a Little Bit Ginger was born!

Before Just a Little Bit Ginger was created I had a few completely different blogs, however I decided to start blogging about what I know best and I can not believe how natural writing posts has become. I am so happy that I decided to move my blog in this direction as I have seen so much support from all my lovely followers, which brings me onto my next happy thing…

2. I hit 50 followers on both WordPress and Bloglovin!  


I know to most of you this is such a small milestone, but to me it felt like getting my 5 meters certificate in swimming…. the first is always the most important and special. I can not believe that one person would want to read my blog let alone 50, so once again thank you all so much for all of your support this last month. To follow me on Bloglovin click here!


3.  I went to see The Theory of Everything

My Boyfriend works at Cineworld so we do get to see movies for free and I was not disappointed with this release of The Theory of Everything at all. The film is absolutely amazing and so inspirational, I would definitely recommend that you go and see it if you haven’t already. The film shows the life and mind of one of the most amazing living geniuses and it is both heart warming and exciting as you (well I was) are taken on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Not to mentions, the parts of Stephen Hawkins and Jane Wilde are played beautifully by Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

4. I doubled my Twitter followers!

In one month I have actually managed to double my Twitter followers and I actually cannot believe it! At the beginning of the month I remember speaking to my other half about how I only had 104 followers and had been stuck there for absolutely ages and I was struggling to regain my followers from my old account that was hacked a few years ago. Yesterday when I checked I had 213 followers, which is just over double! This is amazing for me and I wonder if I can double this figure by the end of February, fingers crossed!

5. I met some amazing bloggers!

At the start of the month I felt a little bit lost in the world of Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers, however now I feel as though I have made some absolutely amazing and like-minded people. The blogging community is absolutely amazing I can not wait to meet some of you in the future!

6. I started to organise a blogger event!

Having thrown myself full swing into the blogging community I decided that there was one thing Shropshire was missing, a blogger meet up. I hunted down a few other bloggers in the area and we soon became good friends and now me, Sarah, Demi-Leigh, Rhianna and Laura are working together to organise the first ever beauty, fashion and lifestyle #ShropshireBloggerMeet.  The meet will be happening at Havana Republic in Shrewsbury on 2/5/15 and is open to bloggers anywhere, so if you would like to register you can do so here, but hurry… spaces are filling up fast! If you would like more information you can email me at too.

7. I got a new job! 

In December last year I decided to leave my job after an incident that happened regarding very unprofessional management. I really didn’t want to leave however I was at the point where I decided I couldn’t work there anymore so I decided to cut my losses and throw myself into a huge job search. I am so glad I did this as last week I interviewed for my dream job and I got it! I am so happy that after 3 years in a Marketing degree I will finally be going into a Marketing Assistant position and I am so happy that it is within the events industry too. I feel like University has finally paid off and things are starting to look up for me! I start on Tuesday and couldn’t be more excited!


8. I found lots and lots of bargains in the January sales!

I have loved the January sales this year and have got so many amazing bargains in both beauty and fashion. I now have an amazing collection of jewellery, a whole new wardrobe, a years supply of bath products and more makeup than space to store it.

9. SNOW!

I love summer more than anything but I am still like a little girl when it snows! It has been on and off snowing all month and although it never sticks longer than a day I still love the excitement of it actually snowing and I love taking my dogs for a walk in it too, they get just as excited as I do!


10. I got hold of the free Benefit Roller Lash sample in Elle Magazines March Edition!

I was so excited when I found out that Benefit were launching a early sample their new mascara ‘Roller Lash’ in Elle Magazine that I made sure I got a copy. I really really hate how unnoticeable my eyelashes are and this mascara sounded like something I need to have in my life so I was so happy when I got one of the last copies from WHSmith on the day it was released. I have tried it a couple of times and I can’t wait to tell you what I think… watch this space.


11. I fell more in love with Makeup Revolution!

I am not sure if this is even possible but this month I have fallen even more in love with Makeup Revolution. As I haven’t been working most of my makeup essentials have been either Makeup Rev or MUA and I honestly can not fault the quality of their products at all! They haven’t launched so many new products this month that I can’t wait until my first payday so I can make a huge order!

12. I got invited to the Gossip Girl #BloggersLoveLFW event!

I don’t know if I need to reiterate how amazing this is! I can not wait to attend this event as not only will it be my first ever major bloggers event, but it is an amazing way to meet some more of you lovely bloggers and brands. I am so excited about this that I probably won’t be able to sleep for the week before!!


13. I managed to get Unicorn Horn early! 

I absolutely love LUSH and I couldn’t believe my luck when I was lucky enough to find their Valentines launches had made it into the Birmingham store a little earlier than they had expected! As soon as I saw Unicorn Horn I knew I had to get one and I loooooove it. It’s so magical and perfect.

14. I started (and finished!) a hair product detox!

My hair has been in such terrible condition lately that I forced myself to start a hair product detox and the results are amazing! Not only have a cut out the products I usually use but I been letting my hair go naturally curly every day and only used my GHDs one or two times. The difference in my hair is amazing so I will definitely be doing more month long hair detox’s in the future if they are needed!


The finaly happy thing for me this month is the fact that January is finally over!! I hate January so much as it always goes really slow and nothing interesting ever happens! Although January has brought some amazing news my way and has seen the start of Just a Little Bit Ginger, I am so happy to see the back of this month.

So, what have you all been up to this month? Are you all excited for February, the month that I am sure will bring plenty of pancakes, Valentines celebrations and the long awaited Fifty Shades of Grey?

Kirsty Leanne


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