Wishlist #3 – Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution Wish List

If you don’t know about Makeup Revolution by now, where have you been? They are probably my favourite budget brand so far this year and they are only getting better with the tonnes of new products they are churning out weekly. There are SO many things on my Makeup Revolution Wish List right now that I thought it was worthy of a blog post of its own. As I was writing this post I realised that there are an awful lot of dupes in my Wish List, oh dear!

melted lipstick dupe

Lip Lava – Forgiven and Tremor £2.99

After hearing that these are the perfect dupe for the new Too Faced Melting Lipsticks, I knew I had to try them. I am trying to branch out at the moment and go for shades that are not too bold or bright, so I thought that both Forgiven and Tremor would be perfect to try.

Amazing Eyeliner Waterproof £1.50

I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to winged eyeliner lately, so much so that I through my eyeliner at my mirror yesterday in a tantrum, haha. I really just want to have a play around with different eyeliners to see which I feel comfortable with and for just £1.50 I thought I might as well throw this one into my Wish List as I quite like the shape of the applicator.


Pro Looks Palette – Big Love £6.00

Makeup Revolution released three Pro Look palettes this year but this particular palette is definitely a dupe of the Too Faced Return of Sexy Eye-shadow Palette. The style and shades are all very similar and the only major difference is that the Makeup Revolution palette doesn’t come with an eyeliner. I am a huge fan of dupes, as you probably know already and I can’t wait to give this one a try,

Nars dupe

The One Blush Stick – Rush £5.00

What is that I hear you say? Another Dupe Kirsty, really? Yep! I am dupe obsessed right now as I am on a strict budget. The One Blush Stick is definitely a dupe for Nars The Multiple, I really love the idea of this product as it looks great for sculpting and I really do want to venture out in terms of the type of blusher I use. I already have naturally rosy cheeks, but I quite liked this shade as it means I wouldn’t need to use much for a full effect.

Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer –  Rebel £3.00

As soon as I saw Makeup Rev post the new shades of their Salvation Intense Lip Lacquers on Instagram, I knew I had to get the shade Rebel. You all probably know by now that I LOVE berry/dark/bold lips and this shades is just gorgeous, isn’t it?

Protection Palette – Light/Medium £6.00

I am a huge fan of the Makeup Revolution Euphoria Palette in Bronzed and I think the new Protection Palette would not disappoint me. You probably don’t know this but I am a sucker for palettes that combine everything in one, and this palette just looks like heaven to me. I picked the shade light/medium as I am pale skined, however I would probably branch out and try a few of the other shades too.

Amazing Lipstick – Reckless £1.00

I think every time I go into Superdrug I buy a new Makeup Rev or MUA lipstick for £1, but for some reason I can never get a hold of the shade Reckless. i first saw it on another blogger’s twitter (@bunnyqueenn) and I have been trying to find it ever since.

Romantic Smoked Palette £4.00

I not sure if I would go as far as to say that the Romantic Smoked Palette is a dupe of the Sleek i-Divine in Vintage Romance Palette, but it comes pretty damn close. I love the shades in this palette and I really want to start using more pinks/purples and for a small price tag of £4.00 its really not a bad place to start!

Highlighter Palette – Highlight £8.00

I really wanted to try the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighters and this includes the three most popular shades in Palette form, what more could I ask for? I would have been stuck with what shades to get so having the three best sellers all in one place makes me a very happy girl. This palette is just love.

Sleek face form dupe

Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze and Brighten – Golden Hot £4.00

Another dupe alert! The Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze and Brighten Palette in Golden Hot looks an awful lot like Sleeks Face Form, don’t you think? I used to have face form and I loved it, but I definitely think it is worth seeing if the Makeup Rev contouring kit is just as good for less than half the price!

I LOVE Makeup Blushing Hearts – Golden Goddess £4.99

I have already spoke about how much I love the new Blushing Hearts range and they were very appropriately on my Valentines Wishlist too! This is another Too Faced dupe however the shade I really want from Makeup Revolution can’t really count as a dupe for the Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in any other way than the style and packaging. The Blushing heart in Peach Pink Kisses is almost definitely a dupe of the Sweet Hearts Blush Perfect Flush Blush though! Anyway, I really love this highlight as not only is it cute, but the shade is beautiful. I really want to work on my highlighting skills this year and I think that this would be the perfect way to start!

When I totaled every thing in my Wish List up it came to just under £50, which is so affordable I couldn’t believe it! I know that in between now and the time I get paid there are going to be plenty more new launches from Makeup Rev that I know will probably make it onto my Wish List, but I know that you should all definitely look forward to my next Makeup Rev Haul Post for sure!!

Kirsty Leanne


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