The only Naked Dupe You Will Ever Need – W7 ‘In the Buff’ Palette Review

Most of you know that I have never really been able to splurge on high end makeup products so I am always on the look out for the best product dupes I can find. Now, I know I am late onto the bandwagon here but I was given the W7 ‘In the Buff’ Eye-shadow Palette for Christmas and I love it so much I have used it almost every day since.


This is the first W7 product I have tried as they are so bloody hard to come by, but I know that this particular palette was from ASDA in the seasonal section in the run up to Christmas and cost around £5. You can buy most of the W7 range online, but if anyone knows of any other stores that do stock it, please let me know!


The packing is okay, the bronze colour tin nothing to shout about but for a fiver I can’t really complain, can I? With a product like this I always worry that the shades won’t have names, or won’t be clearly labelled. With W7 this isn’t the case as you can see the back of the tin has clear diagram with each of the shades labelled.

10961960_10152557774411470_1474979678_n 10984926_10152557774261470_1807561941_n

The palette itself has 12 beautifully pigmented eye-shadows that are clearly a very good dupe of the Naked 2 palette (the Naked palette at the top of my Urban Decay wishlist!). When I first saw it I couldn’t believe how obvious it was that it was a Dupe, I actually had to convince my Mum to get it me for Christmas. I don’t like that there is no mirror as it takes a little longer to apply when I have to keep looking up at my mirror, but that is a sacrifice I willing to make for this amazing palette.

10967987_10152557775071470_650748167_n 10979321_10152557774801470_1070506516_n

As you can see I have used this palette A LOT, it is definitely my go to daily makeup palette as it creates the most beautiful nude and smokey looks. There are a 3 shadows that I think work perfectly as a nice base (Buff, Sand and Silk) and the other shades are great for creating so many different looks, which match perfectly with Naked 2 Palette tutorials. The shadows actually have really good hold when they are used with a primer. I can go to work all day and by the time I am home it still looks pretty damn good although I do reapply if I am going out again.

10965623_10152557774051470_125466817_n 10965881_10152557774161470_1043488271_n

The palette also comes with a great double ended applicator brush, which I think is really good quality for the price of the palette. The ‘applicator’ side has worn a little bit but I think it is because I have used it so much, but it is definitely still very very use-able.

Overall I am very extremely impressed with ‘In the Buff’ I can’t wait to try the other Palettes. As far as Dupes go I have to say this is one hell of a Naked 2 dupe! While writing this post I actually found three of the Palettes available for £2.76 each here on eBay, including FREE & FAST delivery. How amazing?! I know what I am doing come payday!

What W7 Products have you tried? Can you recommend any other Naked dupes? I’d love to try even more!

Kirsty Leanne


10 thoughts on “The only Naked Dupe You Will Ever Need – W7 ‘In the Buff’ Palette Review

  1. They sell them in this shop called extras. It might just be a newcastle/leeds thing, but it’s like this small shop that sells really cheap make-up. 😊 xx


    • I’ve never heard of it before, might be a northern thing! I am planning a payday shopping trip somewhere that isn’t Shropshire though, so might suggest heading a little more North haha! I miss living in London and going to the cheap makeup shops that sell Victoria’s Secret 😦 I wonder if it’s like that xx


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