Style Difference: Me and My Sister

Me and my Sister were sending pictures to each other of things we liked and we noticed how different our style is when it comes to fashion. My Sister thought it would be a cool idea for us both to pick an outfit and see how different our styles actually are when it comes to the clothes we want to wear (not necessarily what we would wear!) The results were actually pretty amazing!

Hayleigh Marie

hayleigh1hayleigh 4


hayleigh 2

hayleigh6Hayleigh 3

As you can see my sister has picked a very hippy/boho look. She said the outfit allows her to be feminine without being too obvious about it. The high waisted shorts were the first thing she chose and they are definitely her favourites as they will give her an hourglass figure and they are something she would wear over and over. She said the crop top goes perfectly with the shorts as it won’t cover the hourglass effect and the long cardigan compensates for the short shorts. Hayleigh really liked the bag as it is ideal for keeping everything for the day in it but also doubling up as a night bag or an airplane bag (she’s a Travel Agent!).

Kirsty Leanne

kirsty 1

kirsty 5

kirsty 2

kirsty 4kirsty 3

My look is completely different to my Sisters and looks extremely preppy, I think I definitely had a day to day outfit in mind when I picked this as I know it is something I would want to wear to work. I’ve mentioned the jacket before in a wishlist and I wanted to center the outfit around that, but I think it ended up turning out quite Gossip Girl-esque. All I need now is Blair’s signature headband ha ha. I love the skirt and turtle neck combo as I think its going to be slimming and it is quite smart casual, which is something I really love. I love the shoes as I think the buckle is so cute and I really want a bowler bag and thought this colour broke up the outfit perfectly.

So, which outfit do you like best girls? 😉

Kirsty Leanne


One thought on “Style Difference: Me and My Sister

  1. awesome, i like both styles !! I would say yours is more like preppy and edgy at the same time, maybe because the plaid jacket.
    ps. today other two bloggers and I are hosting a pinterest party, it is a great way to promote your post and meet other blogger, the link up is going to be open until monday


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