eBay Bargains: Ladies Watches

I love love love eBay as you can find some absolutely amazing things on there for next to nothing. This post and my recent eBay haul was inspired by the lovely Aly over at aleelily, as I couldn’t resist making a sneaky eBay purchase after reading one of her posts.


These beautiful watches were all less than £2.00, including delivery! After seeing my friends Micheal Kors map watch I had decided to hunt down a much much cheaper alternative, which is when I came across Aly’s blog post. Okay, it’s a very different style to the Micheal Kors watch (which I will have one day!) but for the time being it was the map aspect that I wanted. I ended up getting click happy while purchasing this one on eBay and ended up with about 15 different watches in my basket. These are the lucky three that made the cut.

map watch

Let’s start with the amazing map watch that started off my new found watch addiction. I would like to consider myself a little bit of a traveler (when I have the money) and I thought this watch perfectly reflected that, not to mention its absolutely gorgeous. I love the hands as they are white with a gold outline which makes it look very elegant. The only issue is that the straps are not brilliant, but for £1.46 I really could not complain, at all. The watch comes in black, white and brown and if you would like to buy it, you can find it here.

late watch

I had seen a wall clock with numbers that had all fallen to the bottom saying ‘Who cares, I’m already Late’ and fell in love with it. It was a little bit pricey so I was extremely happy to find the watch version for just under £2.00! I have terrible time keeping skills and I am always late, so I thought this watch was a great fit for days when I am feeling a little quirky. The strap is a lot thicker and nicer than the map watch and it feels as though it will last a lot longer. It comes in a variety of different colours but I opted for the green as I wanted something a little bit different for a change however, I think I may have to purchase it white too… ha ha! If you want to buy this one too, you can do so here.


Finally, I got this gorgeous Geneva black and white watch. I had never heard of Geneva watches before but I checked them out on Amazon and they are around £10.00 each, however you can get so many of them for near enough £1.00 on eBay. I know I will definitely be ordering more this payday! I really liked this one as it it quite simplistic and such a lovely design. I looks great on, especially as I am wearing a lot of grays/blacks at the moment. The strap is a really good quality for the price that I paid and it looks like it is worth a lot more than I paid. Again, it comes in a variety of different colours and the strap colour corresponds with the colour of the stripes. If you want to buy it for £1.38 you can find it here.

I absolutely love all of these watches and will without a doubt keep ordering more. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up having to have a whole drawer just for watches soon! The only down side is that it took around 3 weeks for them to arrive as they were coming from China, but that was extremely easy to get over considering the fact they are amazing value for money.

Kirsty Leanne


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