Slimming World Diary – Week #1

As promised, I am starting a diary of my Slimming World Journey. This week was my first after re-joining last Tuesday and it has definitely been a bit of a challenge! I used to be an extremely healthy person but I have picked up some bad habits (like chocolate in bed every night!) and it has been so hard to try and cut them out. If you want to know more all was explained in my last Slimming World blog post.

Anyway, this week I lost a total of 3 1/2lbs, which I am reasonably happy with. I really did want to lose more as I know its possible to lose a lot in your first week, but I think there were a few hiccups that prevented me from having a huge loss. I went to the cinema to see Fifty Shades of Grey on Saturday night and ended up munching on having half a big bar of Dairy Milk, despite telling myself I wouldn’t have anything. I am also working on a chocolate related project for Easter at work and I took a chocolate bunny in to taste test, but ended up eating most of it with my manager.

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Other than those little treats I have eaten some absolutely amazing meals this week! This week saw the launch of the new Slimming World microwavable meals exclusive to Iceland and they are AMAZING. I really don’t know how I managed without them the first time around. So far I have tried the Chicken Tikka, Italian Pizziaolo, Pasta and Meatballs and Roasted Vegetable Pasta. They are huge portions and completely syn free, which is amazing for me as I like a good hearty sized meal with no guilt! A few of them I added either rice or vegetables to so as they were a fuller meal, and it really did the trick. Maybe in the future if I want to boost my weight loss I will and just add veg? I have fallen in love with these meals and for £3 each they are perfect for when I get home from work.


Another of my favourite meals this week was the Shepard’s Pie that my Mum made. She wanted to make it an ‘SP’ (speed and protein foods only) so instead of using potato she used carrot and swede mash. I missed the stodge of the potato a little bit, but other than that it was delicious and packed with so many different vegetables.


I was quite worried about what I would take to work to eat as normally I would take sandwiches, crisps and a chocolate bar. I really want to be able to mix it up daily and one of the days I decided to make myself some spicy cous cous. I added some spring onions, chopped cucumber and baby plum tomatoes and it was bloody gorgeous. There wasn’t a lot there but it was definitely enough as I didn’t end up eating it all. I have lots of ideas for lunches over the next week, so hopefully I have some interesting things to tell you about!

In terms of exercise I really didn’t have time to do any this week. I have been flat viewing at every opportunity and when I wasn’t blogging or working, I was sleeping. I am quite disappointed in myself as I do want to get fit again, but sometimes it is difficult for me as I have a number of different medical issues with my feet. I have both plantar fasciitis and bone spurs so it does make very difficult to do a lot of exercise at once (unless it is swimming) as I end up in a lot of pain.

I am really excited about this week and I have set myself the target of losing 3 1/2lbs again so that I reach my half a stone award in 2 weeks. It may be a little bit ambitious but if I stick to it I know that I have a good chance of losing that much. I have bought myself some Slimming World Hifi Bars to have with an apple and banana as breakfast and I have Slimming World microwavable meals at the ready! Wish me luck…

Kirsty Leanne


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