Fifteen Happy Things for February!

It’s that time again! Every month I am going to do a little round up of fifteen things that have made me happy or made me smile. I think it’s such a cute little way of keeping track of my favourite parts of the month so when I look back on the year I can remember all of the amazing things that have happened.

I know February is short month, but oh my god it has gone so quick! It really does seem like just yesterday I was writing my Fifteen Happy Things for January post, which you can read here. I’ve had a busy and eventful month I know I have some exciting things to share with you!

1) I started my new job!

Last month I told you all about how I had been out of work for a while but had finally been offered a job in marketing, which is what I studied at University. I started my new job at the beginning of the month and I am loving every minute of it. It is so nice to be working in what I studied and to make things even better it is in the events/supplier industry. I find it all so interesting and I can’t wait to grow with the company.

2) I ate tonnes of Pancakes for Pancake Day!

I LOVE pancakes a lot and normally I get too excited for Pancake Day that as soon as all of the promotions are on in stores I end up caving and having them early. This year I waited and it was so satisfying to have some delicious Nutella pancakes when I got home from work. Now, should I wait a whole year before I have them again? I hope not…

3) I had an amazing Valentines Day!

Although me and my Boyfriend have only been together officially for just under two years this was actually our third Valentines Day spent together. This year we decided not to buy each other any gifts as we are saving for something (all will be revealed later in the post!) but we still had a lovely morning together. I love Valentines Day and it was really nice to tone it down for once and do something simple.

11007424_10152569476306470_1873068373_n 11004283_10152569474471470_806471505_n

4) I joined Slimming World for the second time!

If have seen some of my latest posts you have probably seen that this month I re-joined Slimming World as I really need to lose weight. I put on around 4 stone since I was last on plan and I have tried to diet since but without the support of group I find that I don’t stick to it. I am so excited to keep you all updated on my progress and I am hoping sharing it with you all will keep me motivated. So far I have lost 3 1/2lbs but I am getting weighed in couple of days so hopefully it is more than that!


5) My eBay bargains arrived!

If you read my eBay bargains post you will know that I am obsessed with finding cute, cheap things on eBay. Lately I have been obsessed with the watches you can buy on there for less than £2. These watches were all between £1.15 and £1.65 and they are amazing. They took around three weeks to arrive but they are well worth the wait at that price. They are a good quality for the money you buy and the amount of different designs you can is brilliant! I will definitely be adding more to the collection soon.

6) Me and my Boyfriend put a deposit down on a flat!

I think this is the thing I am most excited about, as we have been living with my parents since we moved back to Telford in November and it will be really nice to have a place of our own. We have lived together before but always in a shared/student property, so to finally have something all to ourselves is so exciting! It’s such a cute little one bedroom flat in a cute little area and I can’t wait to start making it home. I have already started buying little things ready and our families are all being so kind and donating a lot of stuff to us. I move in five days now and couldn’t be more excited!!!

7) #ShropshireBloggerMeet has started to come together!

I mentioned last month that me and a few other bloggers are planning an event and I have spent a lot of hard work organising it this month and it is all starting to fall together. I am really exciting to carry on planning and working on the event and I can’t wait to meet you all. I have some amazing brands confirmed and I have already started to receive samples and raffle prizes so it is definitely not something you would want to miss out on. Registration is open and you can email me at for more information or sign up here. The venue may be subject to change as we are trying to make it so that you will not have to pay anything for the event as we feel it is unfair for an event like this to come with a cost, even if it is for a meal.


8) I launched ANOTHER project!

I have been incredibly busy this month and as well as planning an event, working and blogging I have launched an amazing project called #TheBloggerPenPalProject. If you sign up you will be paired with another blogger who will then become your Pen Pal. You can write to each other as much as you want but each month I will set a different (optional) challenge for you to complete, however they will definitely be something fun and different. I only launched it a few days ago and have had an amazing response, so if you would like to find out more you can here or if you would like to sign up you can here.

9) I put my deposit down for #BloggersInvadeCentreParcs!

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to sign up for the @myLDNmeet blogger holiday and I am so excited. The holiday will be taking place over a weekend in June and is in a beautiful lodge in one of the UK Centre Parcs. I haven’t met any of the lovely bloggers that are going yet so I am quite nervous, but with all of the activities planned for the weekend I am sure it will be an amazing holiday. I really love the idea behind myLDNmeet and I will be trying my hardest to go to the majority of their events as I really want to meet lots of like-minded blogger pals. Watch this space!

10) I got a new phone!

A week after I started work I decided that I was going to treat myself to a new phone as I had been using my iPhone 4s for about two, three years? I really wanted to stick with Apple so I ended up getting the iPhone 5s as I didn’t think I should splurge on this 6 just yet. I got the phone in gold and I absolutely love it as it almost looks as though it is rose gold, which if you didn’t know already I am an absolute sucker for. I haven’t been able to put my phone down since I had it and I am so glad I upgraded when I did as it was long overdue.


11) I improved on my eyeliner skills!

This may seem like nothing to most of you, but lately I have been really struggling with my winged eyeliner. I used to do it when I was younger all the time as I really like the dark and heavy eye makeup look, however recently I just haven’t been able to get it right. I stocked up on makeup remover and makeup wipes and got to practicing and I was impressed with how much I have improved! I have an awesome E.L.F makeup correction pen which I will be reviewing soon and it really helps me to neaten up the edges, which is definitely something I need as I am so messy.

12) I saw Fifty Shades of Grey. 

I know there is a lot of controversy around this film, however I had read the books so I definitely wanted to see if it lived up to my expectations. I did enjoy it and I really like Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele however I felt that the film missed out a lot of important thing, so if you hadn’t read the books it appeared as though it jumped a lot. I feel like if you hadn’t read the books it would be quite difficult to understand why they act as they do and that is why it received a lot of negative feedback. I will go and see the sequels if they are made, however I think I will still feel the same and prefer the books.

13) I reached 80 WordPress Followers! 

I know it is small to some of you but this means so much to me. I cannot believe how close I am to getting 100 of you lovely people to follow me and it really feels amazing to know that you like what I am writing and want to see more. Thank you all :).

11012230_10152584101806470_619893039_n 11026749_10152584101731470_1774663107_n

14) I fell in love with the new Slimming World microwavable meals!

Slimming World launched new microwavable meals last week and they are bloody gorgeous. They are free on plan and absolutely huge which is perfect for me as I feel like I eat quite large portions. They are only £3.00 each and when I move into my new flat this week I know I will definitely be stocking up on a huge variety of them to have when I come home from work as they only take 12 minutes in the microwave. I can’t wait to see what else Slimming World launch as I know they have some exciting things in the pipelines!

15) I ALMOST got to 300 followers on Twitter.

Actually, I did get to 300 followers on Twitter yesterday but I have had a couple of people unfollow me since so it has moved me away from my milestone! Nooooo! I am so amazed at how fast my followers are growing on Twitter and I can’t believe all of the love I see on #FollowFriday. You guys are just too sweet!

So, there you have it. That was my amazing February, how was yours? Any exciting news to share?

Kirsty Leanne


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