Kirsty Leanne

I am a recent Business Management and Marketing graduate from the University of Westminster in London and after three incredibly stressful years at Uni I decided to move back to my home town Telford, Shropshire.

I am currently working as a Marketing Assistant in the Events industry and I couldn’t be any happier!

I love anything peanut butter and I can’t live without Netflix!

‘A Little Bit Ginger ‘

I have enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember and as a Marketing graduate I really love how everything in the world is moving online, so Just a Little Bit Ginger is perfect as my own personal space where I can share my writing and anything I think other people will enjoy reading. Of course, I am a proud ginger too! I do dye my hair quite often (my friends used to call me Tonks as my hair colour changed that often!) but I would never deny my red headed roots!

I have always been interested in make up and beauty (although on my lazy days no one would believe that!) so to be able to blog about something I really enjoy is great! I will mainly be doing reviews of different products and giveaways with a couple of DIY beauty treatments thrown in! If I am confident enough I may eventually start a couple of tutorials, who knows? 🙂

As well as make up and beauty I will also be including blogs on other lifestyle topics such as travel, health, fitness (the whole new year, new me has kicked in!), fashion and my life in general.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Doll,
    I just did The Versatile Blogger Award Tag and have tagged you next in it!
    Hope you have fun doing it and be sure to tweet me (@aoifejanebeauty ) or leave me a comment on my blog ( aoifejanebeauty.com ) when you’ve completed the tag (so I can be nosy and learn more about you!)

    Aoife x


    • Thank you so much for thinking of me and tagging me!
      I definitely think you should start watching more horror movies though, I have recently been converted an love it!!
      I’ll get to work on my nominations for the Versatile blogger award now 🙂 xx


      • No problem at all, really enjoyed read some of your blog!
        I don’t know if I’m brave enough, would definitely have so many sleepless night haha!
        Hope you have fun doing the Tag!! xx


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